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SPC Store / Shop
SPC Store / Shop

The SPC Store / Shop is used to purchase unique items with you SPC. So far only 3 shops are built with more to come, one being a coin shop to trade your SPC for different alt coins. We have designed each members profile to hold coins in the database and be secure, but the actual alt coins themselves are held on a secure locked down server separate from the StarPool Site. So what ever coins are available within Othala's Rare Coin shop, you can purchase with SPC and hold those coins in your profile. Other members of the community can see what coins you have obtained but can not access them. We have made a unique way of store the coins so only a visual aspect of the coins are shown. You can then if you wish send your coins your have purchased to an address of your choice, more to come on how this will be done in the new year.

Shops currently available:

  • Othala's Rare Coins - Buy rare coins from across the altcoin world!
  • Beano's Mining Equipment - All the mining equipment you will ever need!
  • Black Market - VIP ONLY!
(Black Market does not sell anything illegal or breaks the law! The black market will sell items that only can be used on the StarPool Site)

Extra Info:
  • Some store / shops will only be available to certain member / private groups such as subscribers or members have obtained a high profile rank on the site from being active and gaining promotions.
  • Most purchases from the store / shop can be sold back for a slight decrease in original price.
  • Stores / shops will only sell available stock and will never over or under sell items.
  • Altcoins that are shown in Othala's Rare Coins will change in price over time as the price of the coin changes along with the supply and demand of SPC.
  • Altcoins in Othala's Rare Coins are coins that StarPool has available to sell / send to member who purchased. We do not sell coins we do not already have.
  • Members who wish to send altcoins from their profile to an address outside of StarPool will pay the transaction / transfer fee. (Example: Withdraw 10 DNR from site and transaction fee to send is 0.0001 DNR, then member will obtain 9.9999 DNR)
  • Members who withdraw their altcoins will obtain an statement via PM / Email showing transaction.
Link To Store / Shop

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