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Site New Features

New features have been added to the site, adding more functionality to SPC.

  1. Hide Content - This feature adds the ability for members to hide the content of a post for a set price of SPC. This will allow users to add tips / guides and other things to be purchased by members of the community.
  2. SPC Lottery - Weekly lottery of SPC. Buy a ticket from the shop for 10 SPC for a chance of winning 100 SPC!
  3. Achievements - Rewards and achievements can be obtained by doing certain actions on the forum. I will write up a post on what can be earned!
  4. Purchase Credits via PayPal - Buy SPC credits with your PayPal account, this will help to maintain the site and give you some extra SPC to spend ;Winkrices will change as the volume of SPC changes over time. All based on SPC exchange rates on forum.
Features to come:
  1. Chat / shout box.
  2. Donations section with rewards / perks.
  3. Downloads section, can be used by VIP members / subscribers to upload data to be purchased (or free) by members.
  4. Subscriptions with PayPal
  5. Point Stealing (might add this but not sure, will have the ability for members to buy a anti point stealing item from shop for SPC)

More features will also come over the development of site. If you would like to see a certain feature on the site, just post below and we will look in to it Smile

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